With simple, practical yet elegant designs, Lechuza offers a high quality planters with a wide selection of colors and shapes suitable for offices, homes, gardens, and even hotels! This brand holds its pride in it's quality providing customers with a whopping 10 years warranty!

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Lechuza Planters

High quality planters from the renowned German company Fleur Ami, which is a market leader thanks to their unique, trendy designs. Suitable for villas, gardens, offices, and luxury hotels.

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Fleur Ami Planters

Made in Italy, we offer our client's some of the highest quality moss products in the market, with numerous design solution and a wide selection of colors. Download the catalog to see the available colors and reference images.

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Moss Wall

An ingenious design by Flyte, a company which pushes the boundaries of design.

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Lyfe Levitating Planters

The LiveBrochure offers clever little systems that uniquely decorate your space with greenery.

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Live Brochure

Manufactured and designed exclusively for Plantart by the world renowned, Hungarian porcelain manufacturer, Zsolnay, these planters embrace the beauty of Middle Eastern design and architecture.

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Elaf Planters